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Its often said that almost everything about the Chamonix Valley is different from a typical ski resort. It has a reputation as an extreme skiing destination and, to a large extent, that’s deserved. But that’s not the whole story. The valley offers variety, there’s simply a huge choice of on-piste, off-piste, non-skiing pursuits to make your perfect winter holiday. And for those wanting to spend a more relaxing time, there are many other more laid back activities that don’t involve adrenalin and a racing heart beats!

Ski Areas

Skiing and snowboarding is by far the most popular winter activity and the main reason the valley is so well loved. Its equally a good place to extend your limits as it is to learn the basics. Making the most pf the variety is the key to skiing in Chamonix Valley. There are 5 main ski areas and each one has its own individuality and its own particular attractions. From the downhill rush and off-piste challenges of Les Grands Montets to the great views and mellow blues and reds of Le Tour. More…

Non Ski Areas

Chamonix is not just about skiing. There good range of activities for non skiers too, many of which are also child friendly. From the naturally reviving waters of the the thermal baths in St Gervais to the unmissable views from the viewing deck at the Aiguille du Midi to snowtubing with the kiddies at Les Pélerins. What’s snowtubing? More…

Off Piste

If there is one thing that everyone who visits the Chamonix Valley agrees upon, its the incredible views and outstanding beauty of the surrounding mountains.  Its impossible not to be impressed.  But here’s an interesting point, on the one hand, only a tiny minority of the surrounding mountains are served directly by the lift systems and, on the other hand, the huge majority of skiers never stray far from the pistes. That means venturing outside the pisted ski areas can take you to places of incredible tranquillity and serenity. Whether the famous 22km Vallée Blanche decent appeals or a cross country ski though the woodlands and around the lake, off-piste activities are as varied as they are plentiful. More…

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